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Creates a simple PKI request from the TElCertificateRequest object.


    static TElFullPKIRequest CreateSimpleRequest(TElCertificateRequest Request);
    static TElFullPKIRequest CreateSimpleRequest(TElCertificateRequest Request, TElCustomCertStorage EncryptionCertificates);

    Shared Function CreateSimpleRequest(ByVal Request As TElCertificateRequest) As TElFullPKIRequest
    Shared Function CreateSimpleRequest(ByVal Request As TElCertificateRequest, ByVal EncryptionCertificates As TElCustomCertStorage) As TElFullPKIRequest

    class function CreateSimpleRequest(Request : TElCertificateRequest) : TElFullPKIRequest;
    class function CreateSimpleRequest(Request : TElCertificateRequest; EncryptionCertificates : TElCustomCertStorage) : TElFullPKIRequest;

    static TElFullPKIRequest createSimpleRequest(TElFullPKIRequest> this, TElCertificateRequest Request);
    static TElFullPKIRequest createSimpleRequest(TElFullPKIRequest> this, TElCertificateRequest Request, TElCustomCertStorage EncryptionCertificates);


  • Request - the certificate request from which the CMC simple request will be created.
  • EncryptionCertificates - specifies the encryption certificates of the CMC simple request.
  • this -

Return value

Returns a reference to the newly created Simple PKI Request.


Use this method to create a CMC simple PKI request from TElCertificateRequest.

See also:     AddRequest     TElCertificateRequest    

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