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This property specifies which attributes included to the file info.


    TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes IncludedAttributes;

    Property IncludedAttributes As TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes

    property IncludedAttributes : TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes;
    TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes = set of TSBFTPSServerFileAttribute;

    TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes get_IncludedAttributes();
    void set_IncludedAttributes(TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes Value);

    integer get_IncludedAttributes()
    void set_IncludedAttributes(integer $Value)

    int getIncludedAttributes();
    void setIncludedAttributes(int Value);

Possible values:

TSBFTPSServerFileAttributes values


    Use this property to select which attributes to include to the file info that is sent to client. Alternatively, you may use functions: AttributeIncluded, IncludeAttribute, and ExcludeAttribute to manage file attributes.

See also:     AttributeIncluded     IncludeAttribute     ExcludeAttribute    

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