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Determines in what cases the file which represents permanent storage, must be updated.


    TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions SaveOptions;

    Property SaveOptions As TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions

    property SaveOptions : TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions;
    TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions = set of TSBFileCertStorageSaveOption;

    TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions get_SaveOptions();
    void set_SaveOptions(TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions Value);

    integer get_SaveOptions()
    void set_SaveOptions(integer $Value)

    short getSaveOptions();
    void setSaveOptions(short Value);


TSBFileCertStorageSaveOptions values


    Use this property to specify in which situations the file, which acts as a persistent storage, must be updated. More than one option can be specified.

    Note, Save options assigning differs for VCL and .NET versions. To enable several save options in .NET use bitwise OR operation, for example ‘fcsoSaveOnDestroy | fcsoSaveOnFilenameChange’.

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