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    void Encrypt(System.IO.Stream InStream, System.IO.Stream OutStream);
    void Encrypt(byte[] InBuffer, int InIndex, int InSize, ref byte[] OutBuffer, int OutIndex, ref int OutSize);

    Sub Encrypt(ByVal InStream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal OutStream As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub Encrypt(ByVal InBuffer As Byte(), ByVal InIndex As Integer, ByVal InSize As Integer, ByRef OutBuffer As Byte(), ByVal OutIndex As Integer, ByRef OutSize As Integer)

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    void Encrypt(void * InBuffer, int32_t InSize, void * OutBuffer, int32_t &OutSize);
    void Encrypt(TStream &InStream, TStream &OutStream);
    void Encrypt(TStream *InStream, TStream *OutStream);

    void Encrypt(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $InBuffer, integer $InSize, TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $OutBuffer, integer &$OutSize)
    void Encrypt(TStream $InStream, TStream $OutStream)

    void encrypt(byte[] InBuffer, int InIndex, int InSize, byte[][] OutBuffer, int OutIndex, TSBInteger OutSize);
    void encrypt(TElStream InStream, TElStream OutStream);
    void encrypt(InputStream InStream, OutputStream OutStream);


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  • InSize -
  • OutBuffer -
  • OutSize -
  • InStream -
  • OutStream -
  • InIndex -
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