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Retrieves the authorization URL from the server.


    string GetAuthorizationURL();
    string GetAuthorizationURL(string Callback);
    string GetAuthorizationURL(string Callback, string Locale);

    Function GetAuthorizationURL() As String
    Function GetAuthorizationURL(ByVal Callback As String) As String
    Function GetAuthorizationURL(ByVal Callback As String, ByVal Locale As String) As String

    function GetAuthorizationURL() : string;
    function GetAuthorizationURL(const Callback : string) : string;
    function GetAuthorizationURL(const Callback : string; const Locale : string) : string;

    void GetAuthorizationURL(std::string &OutResult);
    void GetAuthorizationURL(const std::string &Callback, std::string &OutResult);
    void GetAuthorizationURL(const std::string &Callback, const std::string &Locale, std::string &OutResult);

    string GetAuthorizationURL()
    string GetAuthorizationURL(string $Callback)
    string GetAuthorizationURL(string $Callback, string $Locale)

    String getAuthorizationURL();
    String getAuthorizationURL(String Callback);
    String getAuthorizationURL(String Callback, String Locale);


  • Callback - specifies the oauth_callback parameter. After the user either authorizes or disallows the application, he/she is redirected to this URL.
  • Locale - specifies the default language settings; Dropbox redirects users to the translated authorization web page.

Return value

    Returns the authorization URL.


    Call this method to obtain the URL over which the user must authorize his/her account. Typically, the user has to navigate to the retrieved URL in a browser, and authorize the access. After the access is authorized, the access token can be received by calling RequestAccessToken method.

See also:     RequestAccessToken    

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