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Performs search for RR of certain type by criteria.


    int Find(string Criteria, TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType, int Start);

    Function Find(ByVal Criteria As String, ByVal ResourceType As TSBDNSResourceType, ByVal Start As Integer) As Integer

    function Find(const Criteria : string; ResourceType : TSBDNSResourceType; Start : Integer): Integer;

    int32_t Find(const std::string &Criteria, TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType, int32_t Start);

    integer Find(string $Criteria, integer $ResourceType, integer $Start)


  • Criteria - specifies the lookup criteria
  • ResourceType - the type of the RR to look for
  • Start - index of the item from which to start search


Return value

    Returns the index of the desired item in the list. If the item has not been found, returns -1.


    Use this method to perform search over the RRset for a record with the desired type.

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