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Defines SecureBlackbox-specific resource type.


    TSBDNSResourceType ResourceType;

    Property ResourceType As TSBDNSResourceType

    property ResourceType : TSBDNSResourceType;

    TSBDNSResourceType get_ResourceType();
    void set_ResourceType(TSBDNSResourceType Value);

    integer get_ResourceType()
    void set_ResourceType(integer $Value)

    TSBDNSResourceType getResourceType();
    void setResourceType(TSBDNSResourceType Value);

Possible values:


    Use this property to get or set the SecureBlackbox-specific type of the resource. This property, together with ResourceClass, determines the content of Data property.
    Use ResourceCode property to specify the numeric value of the resource type.
    Note, that use of this property makes sense for known resource types only. In queries, only numeric values of the types are used.

See also:     ResourceClass     ResourceCode     Data    

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