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Prepares canonical form of the RR.


    void Prepare(string CanonicalName, uint OriginalTTL);

    Sub Prepare(ByVal CanonicalName As String, ByVal OriginalTTL As UInt32)

    procedure Prepare(const CanonicalName : string; OriginalTTL : Cardinal); virtual;

    void Prepare(const std::string &CanonicalName, uint32_t OriginalTTL);

    void Prepare(string $CanonicalName, integer $OriginalTTL)

    void prepare(String CanonicalName, int OriginalTTL);


  • CanonicalName - specifies domain name
  • OriginalTTL - time to live for the record (specifies how long the RR may be cached)


    This method is used to prepare wire data of the record in canonical form. This form is used in all DNS communications.

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