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Performs general DNS lookup.


    Function Lookup(ByVal Criteria As String, ByVal InfoType As TSBDNSResourceType, ByVal FoundInfo As TElDNSResourceRecordSet, Out SecurityStatus As Byte) As Integer

    function Lookup(Criteria : string; InfoType : TSBDNSResourceType; FoundInfo : TElDNSResourceRecordSet; out SecurityStatus : TSBDNSSecurityStatus) : integer;

    integer Lookup(string $Criteria, integer $InfoType, TElDNSResourceRecordSet $FoundInfo, integer &$SecurityStatus)


  • Criteria - search criteria
  • InfoType - type of the resource record to search for
  • FoundInfo - RRset that has been found
  • SecurityStatus - security status of the RRset

TSBDNSResourceType values:

TSBDNSSecurityStatus values:

Return value

    Returns the lookup result.

Possible values:


    Use this method to perform general DNS lookup. This function can be used to search for arbitrary resource records (RRs) by the resource name and resource record type/code.

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