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Read the integer value of the child node.


    int ReadInteger(string Name, int Default, bool RaiseExceptionIfNotFound);

    Function ReadInteger(ByVal Name As String, ByVal Default As Integer, ByVal RaiseExceptionIfNotFound As Boolean) As Integer

    function ReadInteger(const Name : string; Default : integer; RaiseExceptionIfNotFound : boolean) : integer;

    int32_t ReadInteger(const std::string &Name, int32_t Default, bool RaiseExceptionIfNotFound);

    integer ReadInteger(string $Name, integer $Default, bool $RaiseExceptionIfNotFound)

    int readInteger(String Name, int Default, boolean RaiseExceptionIfNotFound);


  • Name - The name of the node.
  • Default - The result that should be returned if the node with specified name was not found.
  • RaiseExceptionIfNotFound - Set this parameter to True if the exception should be raised if the node was not found.

Return value

    Returns the integer value of the node with given name.


    This method is used to read the integer value of the desired node.

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