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Performs request to the server


    int Timestamp(byte[] HashedData, out TSBPKIStatus ServerResult, out int FailureInfo, out byte[] ReplyCMS);

    Function Timestamp(ByVal HashedData As Byte(), Out ServerResult As TSBPKIStatus, Out FailureInfo As Integer, Out ReplyCMS As Byte()) As Integer

    function Timestamp(const HashedData: ByteArray; out ServerResult: TSBPKIStatus; out FailureInfo: integer; out ReplyCMS : ByteArray) : Integer;

    int32_t Timestamp(const std::vector<uint8_t> &HashedData, TSBPKIStatus &ServerResult, int32_t &FailureInfo, std::vector<uint8_t> &ReplyCMS);

    integer Timestamp(array of byte|string|NULL $HashedData, integer &$ServerResult, integer &$FailureInfo, array of byte|string &$ReplyCMS)

    int timestamp(byte[] arg0, TElTSPReply arg1);


  • HashedData - data hash (digest) to be timestamped
  • ServerResult - request execution result as returned by server
  • FailureInfo - error information as returned by server
  • ReplyCMS - timestamp signature body

FailureInfo possible values:

Return value

    TSP error code.

TSP error code values:


    Use this method to perform TSP request. HashedData value size should be equal to the regular size, produced by HashAlgorithm. Reply CMS can be parsed with TSPInfo.ParseCMS method.

See also:     HashAlgorithm     IncludeCertificates     TSPInfo     ParseCMS    

Discuss this help topic in SecureBlackbox Forum