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Sets file creation, modification and access times.


    int FileSetTimes(string Path, DateTime CreationTime, DateTime ModificationTime, DateTime LastAccessTime);

    Function FileSetTimes(ByVal Path As String, ByVal CreationTime As DateTime, ByVal ModificationTime As DateTime, ByVal LastAccessTime As DateTime) As Integer

    function FileSetTimes(const Path : string; CreationTime, ModificationTime, LastAccessTime : TDateTime) : integer; virtual;

    int32_t FileSetTimes(const std::string &Path, int64_t CreationTime, int64_t ModificationTime, int64_t LastAccessTime);

    integer FileSetTimes(string $Path, DateTime $CreationTime, DateTime $ModificationTime, DateTime $LastAccessTime)

    int fileSetTimes(String Path, Date CreationTime, Date ModificationTime, Date LastAccessTime);


  • Path - path to the file which times should be changed.
  • CreationTime - specifies new file creation time.
  • ModificationTime - specifies new file modification time.
  • LastAccessTime - specifies new last access time for the file.

Return value

    Returns a VFS error code.

Possible values:


    Use this method to change different system times for the specified file.

See also:     FileGetTimes    

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