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Writes object to data storage.


    void WriteObject(TElCustomDataStorageObject Obj, System.IO.Stream Strm, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler Handler);

    Sub WriteObject(ByVal Obj As TElCustomDataStorageObject, ByVal Strm As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Handler As TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler)

    procedure WriteObject(var Obj : TElCustomDataStorageObject; Strm : TStream; Handler : TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler);

    void WriteObject(TElCustomDataStorageObject $Obj, TStream $Strm, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler $Handler)

    void writeObject(TElCustomDataStorageObject Obj, TElStream Strm, TElCustomDataStorageSecurityHandler Handler);


  • Obj - Data object to be copied
  • Strm - Destination stream where the object should be read to
  • Handler - Security handler used to perform the operation


    Use this method to write data object to the storage.

See also:     ReadObject     Overwrite    

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