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Checks whether the desired algorithm is supported by the providers from list.


    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int Algorithm, int Mode);
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(byte[] AlgOID, byte[] AlgParams, int Mode);

    Function IsAlgorithmSupported(ByVal Algorithm As Integer, ByVal Mode As Integer) As Boolean
    Function IsAlgorithmSupported(ByVal AlgOID As Byte(), ByVal AlgParams As Byte(), ByVal Mode As Integer) As Boolean

    function IsAlgorithmSupported(Algorithm: integer; Mode: integer): boolean;
    function IsAlgorithmSupported(AlgOID, AlgParams: ByteArray; Mode: integer): boolean;

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(int32_t Algorithm, int32_t Mode);
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(const std::vector<uint8_t> &AlgOID, const std::vector<uint8_t> &AlgParams, int32_t Mode);

    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(integer $Algorithm, integer $Mode)
    bool IsAlgorithmSupported(array of byte|string|NULL $AlgOID, array of byte|string|NULL $AlgParams, integer $Mode)

    boolean isAlgorithmSupported(int Algorithm, int Mode);
    boolean isAlgorithmSupported(byte[] AlgOID, byte[] AlgParams, int Mode);


  • Algorithm - specifies the algorithm which must be used
  • AlgOID - algorithm OID
  • AlgParams - algorithm parameters
  • Mode - specifies symmetric encryption mode

Symmetric algorithms:

Public key algorithms:

Password-based encryption algorithms:

Hash algorithms:

MAC algorithms:

Encryption modes:

Return value

    Returns True if the specified algorithm is supported by at least one crypto provider from the list.


    Use this method to check if at least one of the crypto providers from the list supports the desired algorithm.

See also:     CryptoProviders     GetSuitableProvider     IsOperationSupported    

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