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Saves the certificates contained in the storage to the stream in PKCS7 format.


    bool SaveToStreamPKCS7(System.IO.Stream Stream);

    Function SaveToStreamPKCS7(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream) As Boolean

    function SaveToStreamPKCS7(Stream: TStream): integer;

    bool SaveToStreamPKCS7(TStream &Stream);
    bool SaveToStreamPKCS7(TStream *Stream);

    bool SaveToStreamPKCS7(TStream $Stream)

    boolean saveToStreamPKCS7(TElStream Stream);
    boolean saveToStreamPKCS7(OutputStream Stream);


  • Stream - the stream to which the certificates are written.

Return value

    0 if certificates were successfully saved.
    PKCS7 error code otherwise.

PKCS7 Error codes


    Use this method in derived classes to save currently stored certificates in PKCS7 format.

See also:     LoadFromBufferPKCS7     LoadFromStreamPKCS7     SaveToBufferPKCS7    

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