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Use this method to load multiple certificates stored in PkiPath format.


    bool LoadFromStreamPkiPath(System.IO.Stream Stream, int Count);

    Function LoadFromStreamPkiPath(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal Count As Integer) As Boolean

    function LoadFromStreamPkiPath(Stream : TStream; Count : integer = 0) : boolean;

    bool LoadFromStreamPkiPath(TStream &Stream, int32_t Count);
    bool LoadFromStreamPkiPath(TStream *Stream, int32_t Count);

    bool LoadFromStreamPkiPath(TStream $Stream, integer $Count)

    boolean loadFromStreamPkiPath(InputStream Stream, int Count);
    boolean loadFromStreamPkiPath(TElStream Stream, int Count);


  • Stream - The stream from which the certificates are loaded.
  • Count - Optional parameter that specified the number of bytes to be read. If this parameter is zero, the stream is read till the end.

Return value

     True if certificates were successfully loaded.
     False otherwise.


    Use this method to load certificates from stream in PkiPath format. In a PKI path the certificate that has been issued by the trust anchor is at the first position, and the target certificate is at the last position.

See also:     LoadFromBufferPkiPath     SaveToBufferPkiPath     SaveToStreamPkiPath    

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