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Use this method to load multiple certificates stored in PFX (PKCS12) format.


    int LoadFromBufferPFX(byte[] Buffer, string Password);

    Function LoadFromBufferPFX(ByVal Buffer As Byte(), ByVal Password As String) As Integer

    function LoadFromBufferPFX(Buffer : pointer; Size : integer; Password : string) : integer;

    int32_t LoadFromBufferPFX(void * Buffer, int32_t Size, const std::string &Password);

    integer LoadFromBufferPFX(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Buffer, integer $Size, string $Password)

    int loadFromBufferPFX(byte[] Buffer, String Password);


  • Buffer - Buffer with PKCS12 data
  • Size - Size of Buffer in bytes
  • Password - Password to decrypt certificates

Return value

    0 if certificates were successfully loaded.
    PKCS12 error code otherwise.

PKCS12 Error codes


    Use this method to load certificates which are stored in PFX format. PFX format supports storing of private keys.

See also:     LoadFromStreamPFX     SaveToBufferPFX     SaveToStreamPFX    

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