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Detects whether retrieval from the specifie location is supported.


    bool SupportsLocation(TSBGeneralName NameType, string URI);

    Function SupportsLocation(ByVal NameType As TSBGeneralName, ByVal URI As String) As Boolean

    function SupportsLocation(NameType : TSBGeneralName; const URI : string) : boolean; virtual; abstract;

    bool SupportsLocation(TSBGeneralName NameType, const std::string &URI);

    bool SupportsLocation(integer $NameType, string $URI)

    boolean supportsLocation(TSBGeneralName arg0, String arg1);


  • NameType - specifies the NameType value which identifies the certificate location.
  • URI - identifies the name of the resource.

Possible NameType values:

Return value

Returns True if the location is supported, False otherwise.


This function tells the Certificate Validator whether retrieval of the certificates from the specified location is supported.

See also:     RetrieveCertificate    

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