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This method adds a domain to the cookie manager.


    void AddDomain(TElCookieDomain Domain);

    Sub AddDomain(ByVal Domain As TElCookieDomain)

    procedure AddDomain(Domain : TElCookieDomain);

    void AddDomain(TElCookieDomain &Domain);
    void AddDomain(TElCookieDomain *Domain);

    void AddDomain(TElCookieDomain $Domain)

    void addDomain(TElCookieDomain Domain);


  • Domain - the domain to add


    Call this method to add the domain element to the domain list. Note, that cookie manager doesn't check whether the domain's host name overlaps or is equal to one of domains already in the list.

See also:     DomainCount     Domains     RemoveDomain    

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