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TElCookieManager class

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    TElCookieManager provides cookie management mechanism to TElHTTPSClient.

     To save and load cookies to/from XML format use SaveToStream and LoadFromStream methods. To save and load cookies in custom formats use DomainCount and Domains properties to get access to cookies contained in TElCookieManager. To add cookies manually (for example after loading it from custom format) use AddDomain method.

    One instance of TElCookieManager can (and in most cases should) be used by multiple instances of TElHTTPSClient, including those running in different threads. SaveToStream and LoadFromStream methods and internal methods uesd by TElHTTPSClient are thread-safe. However Domains and DomainCount properties are not thread-safe in the meaning that they can change between your reading or writing operations. So if you implement custom loading and saving of cookies, you need to ensure that no TElHTTPSClient components are using cookie manager at the same time.

     There exist several specifications for cookie format and mechanism. Original Netscape specification is still used by some software. RFC 2109 and RFC 2965 (now obsolete) attempted to extend the cookie mechanism. Currently effective RFC 6265 is a rollback to Netscape cookie format as it discards most additions, made in RFC 2109 and 2965.



Declared in

  • Namespace: SBCookieMgr
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.HTTPSCommon
  • Unit: SBCookieMgr
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.HTTPSCommon.jar
  • sbcookiemgr.h


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