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Saves the Control Attribute to memory buffer.


    bool SaveToBuffer(ref byte[] Buffer, int StartIndex, ref int Size);

    Function SaveToBuffer(ByRef Buffer As Byte(), ByVal StartIndex As Integer, ByRef Size As Integer) As Boolean

    function SaveToBuffer(Buffer : Pointer; var Size : Integer) : Boolean; virtual;

    bool SaveToBuffer(void * Buffer, int32_t &Size);

    bool SaveToBuffer(TSBPointer|array of byte|string|NULL $Buffer, integer &$Size)

    boolean saveToBuffer(byte[] Buffer, int StartIndex, TSBInteger Size);


  • Buffer - the buffer where the Control Attribute will be saved.
  • StartIndex - specifies the index in Buffer from which to start writing.
  • Size - specify the maximum size of the buffer using this parameter. If the required memory exceeds this value, returns the required number of bytes; otherwise returns the number of bytes that were actually written.

Return value

Returns True if operation was completed successfully, and False otherwise.


This method saves the Control Attribute to the provided memory buffer of the given size. If the buffer is too small, the required amount of memory is returned via Size parameter.

See also:     LoadFromBuffer    

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