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Creates a new instance of control attribute class.


    static TElControlAttribute CreateInstance(TElTaggedAttribute Tagged);

    Shared Function CreateInstance(ByVal Tagged As TElTaggedAttribute) As TElControlAttribute

    class function CreateInstance(Tagged : TElTaggedAttribute) : TElControlAttribute;

    static TElControlAttributeHandle CreateInstance(TElTaggedAttribute &Tagged);
    static TElControlAttributeHandle CreateInstance(TElTaggedAttribute *Tagged);

    TElControlAttribute CreateInstance(TElTaggedAttribute $Tagged)

    static TElControlAttribute createInstance(TElControlAttribute> this, TElTaggedAttribute Tagged);


  • Tagged - tagged attribute from which the control attribute must be created
  • this -

Return value

Returns a reference to the newly created control attribute object.


Use this method to create a new instance of TElControlAttribute from tagged attribute. When the control attribute is created, use LoadFromTagged method to load the attribute data.

See also:     LoadFromBuffer     LoadFromTagged    

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