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This property specifies the type of the signature policy qualifier.


    TSBSigPolicyQualifierType QualifierType;

    Property QualifierType As TSBSigPolicyQualifierType

    property QualifierType : TSBSigPolicyQualifierType;

    TSBSigPolicyQualifierType get_QualifierType();
    void set_QualifierType(TSBSigPolicyQualifierType Value);

    integer get_QualifierType()
    void set_QualifierType(integer $Value)

    TSBSigPolicyQualifierType getQualifierType();
    void setQualifierType(TSBSigPolicyQualifierType Value);

Possible values:


    There are two predefined types of the signature qualifier. Additionally, user may create a custom qualifier. In this case, CustomData property will contain its value.

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