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This method validates the signature.


    Function Validate() As TSBCMSSignatureValidity
    Function Validate(ByVal Options As Short) As TSBCMSAdvancedSignatureValidity
    Function Validate(ByVal Validator As TElX509CertificateValidator, ByVal Options As Short) As TSBCMSAdvancedSignatureValidity

    function Validate : TSBCMSSignatureValidity;
    function Validate(Options : TSBCMSValidationOptions) : TSBCMSAdvancedSignatureValidity;
    function Validate(Validator : TElX509CertificateValidator; Options : TSBCMSValidationOptions) : TSBCMSAdvancedSignatureValidity;
    TSBCMSValidationOptions = set of TSBCMSValidationOption;

    integer Validate()
    integer Validate(integer $Options)
    integer Validate(TElX509CertificateValidator $Validator, integer $Options)


  • Validator - reference to the TElX509CertificateValidator object which will be used for validation
  • Options - signature validation options

Possible TSBCMSValidationOption values:

Return value

    Returns signature validity status.

Possible TSBCMSSignatureValidity values:

Possible TSBCMSAdvancedSignatureValidity values:

TSBCMSValidationOptions values


    Use this method to validate the signature.

    Note, if the third overload of this method is used, cvoValidateTrusts and cvoCheckRevocationStatus validation options are ignored. The corresponding trust and revocation validation settings should be adjusted via the properties of TElX509CertificateValidator class.

See also:     LastValidationResult     Sign    

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