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This method adds a timestamp to the signed attributes of the signature.


    int AddContentTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient TSPClient);
    int AddContentTimestamp(byte[] Timestamp);

    Function AddContentTimestamp(ByVal TSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient) As Integer
    Function AddContentTimestamp(ByVal Timestamp As Byte()) As Integer

    function AddContentTimestamp(TSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient) : integer;

    int32_t AddContentTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient &TSPClient);
    int32_t AddContentTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient *TSPClient);
    int32_t AddContentTimestamp(const std::vector<uint8_t> &Timestamp);

    integer AddContentTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient $TSPClient)
    integer AddContentTimestamp(array of byte|string|NULL $Timestamp)

    int addContentTimestamp(TElCustomTSPClient TSPClient);
    int addContentTimestamp(byte[] Timestamp);


  • TSPCLient - TElCustomTSPClient object which will be used for timestamping
  • Timestamp - ...

Return value

    Index of the newly added timestamp in the list.


    Use this method to add a timestamp to the ContentTimestamps list.

See also:     ClearContentTimestamps     RemoveContentTimestamp    

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