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TElClientServerIndySSLIOHandlerSocket     See also     

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Specifies the certificate storage where server certificates are stored.


    not available

    not available

    property ServerCertStorage : TElMemoryCertStorage;

    not available

    not available


    This property defines the certificate storage where TElClientServerIndySSLIOHandlerSocket should take certificate to send to the client. As different cipher suites require different types of certificates, it may be impossible to use some cipher suites due to absence of certificate of needed type in the storage. If there are no certificates in CertStorage, it's impossible to use any cipher suites, except DH_ANON_ X_ Y ones.
    Note, that the certificates in ServerCertStorage must have corresponding private keys. It is possible to put several certificates without private keys which create a certificate chain, but the ending certificate of the chain must have the private key anyway.

See also:     ClientAuthentication    

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