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Specifies if Windows Certificate Stores must be used.


    bool UseSystemStorages;

    Property UseSystemStorages As Boolean

    property UseSystemStorages : boolean;

    bool get_UseSystemStorages();
    void set_UseSystemStorages(bool Value);

    bool get_UseSystemStorages()
    void set_UseSystemStorages(bool $Value)


    Set this property to true on Windows to tell the component, that it needs to include Windows Certificate Stores when searching for CA and root certificates and when checking if the certificate is blocked or trusted. Note, that use of Windows stores slows down certificate validation because it takes time to check if certain certificate is in the store.

    Set this property to false if you maintain your own certificate lists and don't want to spend extra time searching for certificaets in Windows Certificate Stores.

See also:     InitializeWinStorages    

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