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Specifies if system stores, containing trusted certificates, should be used.


    bool IgnoreSystemTrust;

    Property IgnoreSystemTrust As Boolean

    property IgnoreSystemTrust : boolean;

    bool get_IgnoreSystemTrust();
    void set_IgnoreSystemTrust(bool Value);

    bool get_IgnoreSystemTrust()
    void set_IgnoreSystemTrust(bool $Value)

    boolean getIgnoreSystemTrust();
    void setIgnoreSystemTrust(boolean Value);


    This property specifies whether trusted Windows Certificate Stores should be treated as trusted (i.e. no validation check is performed for such certificates) or as known certificates. If IgnoreSystemTrust = true, then such certificates are validated when they are found in trusted Windows Certificate Stores. If IgnoreSystemTrust = false, then certificates found in trusted Windows Certificate Stores are not validated, and are explicitly treated as trusted.

    Note that this property doesn't affect use of Trusted Certificates, added using AddTrustedCertificates() method.

See also:     UseSystemStorages     AddTrustedCertificates    

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