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Specifies whether CRL check must be performed.


    bool CheckCRL;

    Property CheckCRL As Boolean

    property CheckCRL : boolean;

    bool get_CheckCRL();
    void set_CheckCRL(bool Value);

    bool get_CheckCRL()
    void set_CheckCRL(bool $Value)

    boolean getCheckCRL();
    void setCheckCRL(boolean Value);


    This property specifies if CRLs must be retrieved and used for validation of certificates. For each CRL Distribution point found in the certificate, the corresponding CRL is first searched in the list of known CRLs, then requested from the specified location. Before the CRL is requested, OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse event is fired. The default value is True.

See also:     MandatoryCRLCheck     AddKnownCRLs     OnBeforeCRLRetrieverUse     OnCRLRetrieved    

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