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TElCertificateRevocationList     See also     

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Adds item to the CRL and returns its index.


    int Add(TElX509Certificate Certificate);
    int Add(byte[] SerialNumber);

    Function Add(ByVal Certificate As TElX509Certificate) As Integer
    Function Add(ByVal SerialNumber As Byte()) As Integer

    function Add(Certificate : TElX509Certificate) : integer;

    int32_t Add(TElX509Certificate &Certificate);
    int32_t Add(TElX509Certificate *Certificate);
    int32_t Add(const std::vector<uint8_t> &SerialNumber);

    integer Add(TElX509Certificate $Certificate)
    integer Add(array of byte|string|NULL $SerialNumber)

    int add(byte[] SerialNumber);
    int add(TElX509Certificate Certificate);


Return value

    Returns the index of the newl added item in the list.


    Use this method to add a new certificate information to the CRL. Use Items property to access the newly added instance of TElRevocationItem, and set its additional properties, such as reason code etc.

See also:     Items     Remove    

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