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Saves the private key for Certificate Request to the stream


    void SaveKeyToStream(System.IO.Stream Stream);

    Sub SaveKeyToStream(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream)

    procedure SaveKeyToStream(Buffer: TStream);

    void SaveKeyToStream(TStream &Stream);
    void SaveKeyToStream(TStream *Stream);

    void SaveKeyToStream(TStream $Stream)

    void saveKeyToStream(TElStream Stream);
    void saveKeyToStream(OutputStream Stream);


  • Stream - The stream to which the private key is written.


    Use this method to obtain the private key from Certificate Request and save it to the stream. Note, that private key is available only for just generated requests. If the request is loaded from file, its private key is inaccessible.

See also:     SaveKeyToStream     GetPrivateKey     GetRSAParams     GetDSAParams    

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