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Detects format of the input data


    static int DetectCertReqFileFormat(string FileName);
    static int DetectCertReqFileFormat(System.IO.Stream Stream);

    Shared Function DetectCertReqFileFormat(ByVal FileName As String) As Integer
    Shared Function DetectCertReqFileFormat(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream) As Integer

    class function DetectCertReqFileFormat(const FileName : string) : TSBCertReqFileFormat;
    class function DetectCertReqFileFormat(Stream : TStream) : TSBCertReqFileFormat;

    static TSBCertReqFileFormat DetectCertReqFileFormat(const std::string &FileName);
    static TSBCertReqFileFormat DetectCertReqFileFormat(TStream &Stream);
    static TSBCertReqFileFormat DetectCertReqFileFormat(TStream *Stream);

    integer DetectCertReqFileFormat(string $FileName)
    integer DetectCertReqFileFormat(TStream $Stream)

    static int detectCertReqFileFormat(TElCertificateRequest> this, String FileName);
    static int detectCertReqFileFormat(TElCertificateRequest> this, TElStream Stream);
    static int detectCertReqFileFormat(TElCertificateRequest> this, InputStream Stream);


  • FileName -
  • Stream -
  • Data -
  • this -

Return value

    Returns the file format.

Possible values:


Use this method to detect, in which format the input data is stored. The format can be binary, text (PEM) or undefined in case the data is not a Certificate Request.

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