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This extension is used in CA certificates. It lists one or more pairs of OIDs; each pair includes an issuerDomainPolicy and a subjectDomainPolicy. The pairing indicates the issuing CA considers its issuerDomainPolicy equivalent to the subject CA's subjectDomainPolicy.


    TElPolicyMappingsExtension PolicyMappings;

    Property PolicyMappings As TElPolicyMappingsExtension

    property PolicyMappings : TElPolicyMappingsExtension;

    TElPolicyMappingsExtension* get_PolicyMappings();
    void set_PolicyMappings(TElPolicyMappingsExtension &Value);
    void set_PolicyMappings(TElPolicyMappingsExtension *Value);

    TElPolicyMappingsExtension get_PolicyMappings()
    void set_PolicyMappings(TElPolicyMappingsExtension $Value)

    TElPolicyMappingsExtension getPolicyMappings();
    void setPolicyMappings(TElPolicyMappingsExtension Value);


    To get more information about this extension see PolicyMappingsExtension class description.

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