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Use this property to access information about the issuer of the certificate.


    TElRelativeDistinguishedName IssuerRDN;

    Property IssuerRDN As TElRelativeDistinguishedName

    property IssuerRDN : TElRelativeDistinguishedName;

    TElRelativeDistinguishedName* get_IssuerRDN();

    TElRelativeDistinguishedName get_IssuerRDN()

    TElRelativeDistinguishedName getIssuerRDN();


    This property contains information about the company that issued the certificate. Information is stored in the form of [Object Identifier, Value]pairs. The list of most commonly used Object Identifiers is shown above. You are able to define your own object identifiers and store your own information that corresponds to these object identifiers.

See also:     SubjectRDN     TElRelativeDistinguishedName class    

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