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Writes the certificate to the stream in PEM format.


    void SaveToStreamPEM(System.IO.Stream Stream, string PassPhrase);

    Sub SaveToStreamPEM(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream, ByVal PassPhrase As String)

    procedure SaveToStreamPEM(Stream : TStream; PassPhrase : string);

    void SaveToStreamPEM(TStream &Stream, const std::string &PassPhrase);
    void SaveToStreamPEM(TStream *Stream, const std::string &PassPhrase);

    void SaveToStreamPEM(TStream $Stream, string $PassPhrase)

    void saveToStreamPEM(TElStream Stream, String PassPhrase);
    void saveToStreamPEM(OutputStream Stream, String PassPhrase);


  • Stream - The stream to which the certificate is written.
  • PassPhrase - The pass phrase to encrypt the certificate. If certificate shouldn't be encrypted, set this parameter to empty string


    Use this method to write the certificate to stream. The certificate is saved in PEM format.

See also:     LoadFromStreamPEM     SaveToStream    

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