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Saves the certificate's private key to file.


    int SaveKeyToFile(string Filename, string Password, TSBX509KeyFileFormat Format);

    Function SaveKeyToFile(ByVal Filename As String, ByVal Password As String, ByVal Format As TSBX509KeyFileFormat) As Integer

    not implemented;

    int32_t SaveKeyToFile(const std::string &Filename, const std::string &Password, TSBX509KeyFileFormat Format);

    integer SaveKeyToFile(string $Filename, string $Password, integer $Format)

    int saveKeyToFile(String Filename, String Password, TSBX509KeyFileFormat Format);


  • Filename - name of the file containing certificate
  • Password - password to access the certificate
  • Format - format in which the certificate should be saved

Possible file formats:


    Use this method to save the key to a file.

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