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Use this method to find out, if two objects contain the same certificate.


    bool Equals(TElX509Certificate Other);
    bool Equals(Object obj);

    Function Equals(ByVal Other As TElX509Certificate) As Boolean
    Function Equals(ByVal obj As Object) As Boolean

    function Equals(Other : TElX509Certificate) : boolean;

    bool Equals(TElX509Certificate &Other);
    bool Equals(TElX509Certificate *Other);

    bool Equals(TElX509Certificate $Other)

    boolean equals(TElX509Certificate Other);


  • Other - the object to compare this certificate to
  • obj -

Return value

True if the objects contain the same X.509 certificate and false otherwise.


This method checks performs comparison of two objects, telling you whether they contain the same certificate. The method doesn't compare the certificate binaries, but compares the key properties of the certificates.

See also:     CertificateBinary property    

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