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Upgrades the signature to CAdES-X.


    Sub UpgradeToX(ByVal ValidationTSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient)
    Sub UpgradeToX(ByVal TSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient, ByVal ValidationTSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient)

    procedure UpgradeToX(ValidationTSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient);
    procedure UpgradeToX(TSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient; ValidationTSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient);


  • ValidationTSPClient - the TSP client that performs time-stamping of the validation data.
  • TSPClient - the TSP client used to produce the timestamp over the digital signature.


    Call this method to upgrade the signature to CAdES-X (extended).

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