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Archives the signature.


    void Archive(TElCustomTSPClient ArchivalTSPClient);

    Sub Archive(ByVal ArchivalTSPClient As TElCustomTSPClient)

    procedure Archive(ArchivalTSPClient : TElCustomTSPClient);

    void Archive(TElCustomTSPClient &ArchivalTSPClient);
    void Archive(TElCustomTSPClient *ArchivalTSPClient);

    void Archive(TElCustomTSPClient $ArchivalTSPClient)

    void archive(TElCustomTSPClient ArchivalTSPClient);


  • ArchivalTSPClient - the TSP cient used to produce the archival timestamp.


    Use this method to produce a standard archival (CAdES-A) signature. Archival signature is based upon CAdES-X-L or CAdES-X-L with time type 1 or 2 signatures. To create Baseline or Extended archival signatures, use the corresponding methods, ArchiveBaseline or ArchiveExtended.

See also:     ArchiveBaseline     ArchiveExtended     CreateXL     CanUpgradeToA     UpgradeToA     Signature    

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