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Returns group's index in the list.


    int IndexOf(string ID);
    int IndexOf(TElBoxGroup Group);

    Function IndexOf(ByVal ID As String) As Integer
    Function IndexOf(ByVal Group As TElBoxGroup) As Integer

    function IndexOf(const ID: string): integer;
    function IndexOf(Group: TElBoxGroup): integer;

    int32_t IndexOf(const std::string &ID);
    int32_t IndexOf(TElBoxGroup &Group);
    int32_t IndexOf(TElBoxGroup *Group);

    integer IndexOf(string $ID)
    integer IndexOf(TElBoxGroup $Group)

    int indexOf(TElBoxGroup Group);
    int indexOf(String ID);


  • ID - the ID of the group under question.
  • Group - the group object.

Return value

    If the group is found in the list, returns its index. Otherwise, returns -1.


    Use this method to check if the specified group is present in the list and get its index.

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