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Validates the password.


    static bool CheckPassword(string Password, string EncryptedPassword);

    Shared Function CheckPassword(ByVal Password As String, ByVal EncryptedPassword As String) As Boolean

    class function CheckPassword(const Password, EncryptedPassword : string) : boolean;

    static bool CheckPassword(const std::string &Password, const std::string &EncryptedPassword);

    bool CheckPassword(string $Password, string $EncryptedPassword)

    static boolean checkPassword(TElBCrypt> this, String Password, String EncryptedPassword);


  • Password - the password that should be checked.
  • EncryptedPassword - the encrypted password.
  • this -

Return value

    Returns True if Password matches the encrypred password, and False otherwise.


    Use this method to check if certain password value matches the encrypted password.

See also:     EncryptPassword    

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