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Changes payment configuration for data bucket.


    void SetPaymentConfiguration(string PaymentConfig);
    void SetPaymentConfiguration(bool RequesterPays);

    Sub SetPaymentConfiguration(ByVal PaymentConfig As String)
    Sub SetPaymentConfiguration(ByVal RequesterPays As Boolean)

    procedure SetPaymentConfiguration(const PaymentConfig : string);
    procedure SetPaymentConfiguration(RequesterPays : boolean);

    void SetPaymentConfiguration(const std::string &PaymentConfig);
    void SetPaymentConfiguration(bool RequesterPays);

    void SetPaymentConfiguration(string $PaymentConfig)
    void SetPaymentConfiguration(bool $RequesterPays)

    void setPaymentConfiguration(boolean RequesterPays);
    void setPaymentConfiguration(String PaymentConfig);


  • PaymentConfig - specifies new payment configuration for the bucket
  • RequesterPays - specifies if RequesterPays should be enabled. Downloads from such buckets are paid by the requesters.


    Use this method to specify the payment configuration for the data bucket.

See also:     GetPaymentConfiguration    

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