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Retrieves bucket website configuration.


    void GetWebSiteConfiguration(ref string IndexDocument, ref string ErrorDocument);

    Sub GetWebSiteConfiguration(ByRef IndexDocument As String, ByRef ErrorDocument As String)

    procedure GetWebSiteConfiguration(var IndexDocument : string; var ErrorDocument : string);

    void GetWebSiteConfiguration(std::string &IndexDocument, std::string &ErrorDocument);

    void GetWebSiteConfiguration(string &$IndexDocument, string &$ErrorDocument)

    void getWebSiteConfiguration(TSBString IndexDocument, TSBString ErrorDocument);


  • IndexDocument - specifies the suffix that is appended to a request that is for a directory on the website endpoint.
  • ErrorDocument - specifies the object key name to use when a 4XX error occurs.


    Use this method to get bucket website configuration.

See also:     DeleteWebSiteConfiguration     SetWebSiteConfiguration    

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