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Retrieves ACL (Access Control List) of the data bucket.


    string GetACL();
    void GetACL(TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy Policy);

    Function GetACL() As String
    Sub GetACL(ByVal Policy As TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy)

    function GetACL : string;
    procedure GetACL(Policy : TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy);

    void GetACL(std::string &OutResult);
    void GetACL(TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy &Policy);
    void GetACL(TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy *Policy);

    string GetACL()
    void GetACL(TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy $Policy)

    void getACL(TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy Policy);
    String getACL();


  • Policy - specifies access control policy for the bucket.

Return value

    String that contains ACL for the bucket, or TElAWSS3AccessControlPolicy object that contains the access policy.


    Use this method to get the ACL (Access Control List) for the bucket. Syntax of the ACL is described in the Amazon Simple Storage Service Developer guide.

See also:     SetACL    

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