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Retrieves bucket policy.


    string GetBucketPolicy(string BucketName);
    string GetBucketPolicy(TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket Bucket);
    string GetBucketPolicy(string BucketName, TElStringList Headers);

    Function GetBucketPolicy(ByVal BucketName As String) As String
    Function GetBucketPolicy(ByVal Bucket As TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket) As String
    Function GetBucketPolicy(ByVal BucketName As String, ByVal Headers As TElStringList) As String

    function GetBucketPolicy(const BucketName : string) : string;
    function GetBucketPolicy(Bucket : TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket) : string;
    function GetBucketPolicy(const BucketName : string; Headers : TStringList) : string;

    void GetBucketPolicy(const std::string &BucketName, std::string &OutResult);
    void GetBucketPolicy(TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket &Bucket, std::string &OutResult);
    void GetBucketPolicy(TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket *Bucket, std::string &OutResult);
    void GetBucketPolicy(const std::string &BucketName, TElStringList &Headers, std::string &OutResult);
    void GetBucketPolicy(const std::string &BucketName, TElStringList *Headers, std::string &OutResult);

    string GetBucketPolicy(string $BucketName)
    string GetBucketPolicy(TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket $Bucket)
    string GetBucketPolicy(string $BucketName, TElStringList $Headers)

    String getBucketPolicy(String BucketName);
    String getBucketPolicy(String BucketName, TElStringList Headers);
    String getBucketPolicy(TElAWSS3DataStorageBucket Bucket);


  • Bucket - specifies the desired bucket.
  • BucketName - specifies the name of the desired bucket.
  • Headers - contains custom headers of the HTTP request.

Return value

    Returns a string representation of the bucket policy. The policy is written in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) and uses access policy language.


    Use this method to get policy of the desired bucket. Policies define access rights for Amazon S3 resources.

See also:     DeleteBucketPolicy     SetBucketPolicy    

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