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TElAWSS3DataStorage class

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TElAWSS3DataStorage is a descendant of TElCustomDataStorage class.


    TElAWSS3DataStorage provides functionality to make requests, securely upload and download data using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and compatible services. In S3 storages individual data objects are contained in buckets. Using TElAWSS3DataStorage, you can manage individual data objects as well, as data buckets.
    Connection to remote storage is established via HTTP protocol. To manage connection properties, use HTTPClient property. By default, secure connection is established. If you don't need secure connection, set UseSSL property to False. To authenticate to S3 storage, you need to provide access key and access key ID pair using AccessKey and KeyID properties. Authentication type is specified by AuthType property. When connected, use ListBuckets method to view storage contents.
    If you need to change certain data object or bucket, acquire it first using AcquireObject or AcquireBucket method. Make necessary changes, then release acquired object or bucket. Use corresponding methods to create, delete, read or write individual objects, buckets or data blocks.
    To connect not to S3 but to S3-compatible service you need to change BaseURL property accordingly.


Inherited from TElCustomDataStorage


Inherited from TElCustomDataStorage


Inherited from TElCustomDataStorage

Declared in

  • Namespace: SBAWSDataStorage
  • Assembly: SecureBlackbox.Cloud
  • Unit: SBAWSDataStorage
  • Package: SecureBlackbox.Cloud.jar
  • sbawsdatastorage.h


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