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TElAWSS3AccessControlGrant     See also     

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Specifies the grantee type.


    TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType GranteeType;

    Property GranteeType As TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType

    property GranteeType : TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType;

    TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType get_GranteeType();
    void set_GranteeType(TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType Value);

    integer get_GranteeType()
    void set_GranteeType(integer $Value)

    TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType getGranteeType();
    void setGranteeType(TSBAWSS3AccessControlGranteeType Value);

Possible values:


    Use this property to specify the grantee type. Depending on the value of this property, there are different ways to specify the grantee, as represented by Email, GroupURI, UserID and CustomGrantee properties.

See also:     CustomGrantee     Email     GroupURI     UserID    

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