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Loads access control grant from XML.


    void LoadFromXML(string Xml);
    void LoadFromXML(System.IO.Stream XmlStream);
    void LoadFromXML(TElXMLDOMElement Elem);

    Sub LoadFromXML(ByVal Xml As String)
    Sub LoadFromXML(ByVal XmlStream As System.IO.Stream)
    Sub LoadFromXML(ByVal Elem As TElXMLDOMElement)

    procedure LoadFromXML(const Xml : string);
    procedure LoadFromXML(XmlStream : TElStream);
    procedure LoadFromXML(Elem : TElXMLDOMElement);

    void LoadFromXML(const std::string &Xml);
    void LoadFromXML(TStream &XmlStream);
    void LoadFromXML(TStream *XmlStream);
    void LoadFromXML(TElXMLDOMElement &Elem);
    void LoadFromXML(TElXMLDOMElement *Elem);

    void LoadFromXML(string $Xml)
    void LoadFromXML(TStream $XmlStream)
    void LoadFromXML(TElXMLDOMElement $Elem)

    void loadFromXML(TElXMLDOMElement Elem);
    void loadFromXML(TElStream XmlStream);
    void loadFromXML(String Xml);


  • Xml - a string containing the XML representation of the grant.
  • XmlStream - stream from which to load the grant.
  • Elem - XML element containing the grant data.


    Use this method to load access control grant from XML.

See also:     SaveToXML    

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