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Prepares a timestamp request of the specified type.


    byte[] StartTimestamp(TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType TimestampType);

    Function StartTimestamp(ByVal TimestampType As TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType) As Byte()

    function StartTimestamp(TimestampType : TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType) : ByteArray;

    void StartTimestamp(TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType TimestampType, std::vector<uint8_t> &OutResult);

    string StartTimestamp(integer $TimestampType)

    byte[] startTimestamp(TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType TimestampType);


  • TimestampType - specifies what kind of timestamp request you need.

TSBAuthenticodeTimestampType values

Return value

    Returns a timestamp request that should be sent to TSP server.


    This method returns a request that should be sent to the TSP service. Authenticode components don't provide transport functionality, you have to use other components as described in this how-to article.

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