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Opens the binary file.


    bool Open(System.IO.Stream Stream);
    bool Open(string FileName);

    Function Open(ByVal Stream As System.IO.Stream) As Boolean
    Function Open(ByVal FileName As String) As Boolean

    function Open(Stream : TStream) : boolean;
    function Open(FileName : string) : boolean;

    bool Open(TStream &Stream);
    bool Open(TStream *Stream);
    bool Open(const std::string &FileName);

    bool Open(TStream $Stream)
    bool Open(string $FileName)

    boolean open(String FileName);
    boolean open(TElStream Stream);


  • Stream - the stream to be opened.
  • FileName - path to the file on disk.

Return value

    This method returns True if the binary is already signed, and False otherwise.


    Call this method to open the file. Once the file is opened, you can proceed with adding/removing signatures, etc..

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